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Under the high patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco

“I feel incredibly privileged for Monaco to have the “Promenade des Champions”. It is a unique feature, not only in the Principality, but probably in the world. It has welcomed so many champions over the years, including mythical figures of football like Pele and Maradona, and I can name many others. The “Golden Foot Monaco Awards” is a wonderful occasion to celebrate all these great champions and I am very proud the Principality is home to the “Promenade of Champions”.

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Antonio Caliendo, Founder and President of Golden Foot

“I always hoped that my most talented players would be remembered not just in books and encyclopaedias, which with today’s advanced technology, are disappearing. That’s why I wanted to create something which would remain in the legend of football, and I thought of putting, in a unique place in Monaco, the moulds of the footprints of all the greatest champions of the world and the history of football”.

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Who we are

Founded in Monaco in 2001, “Image Promotion Company SAM” represents and promotes football players, offers management services for all product brands and associated clubs, as well as sponsorship, career management and consultancy activities in the field of football.

Our role also extends to the commercial management and advertising promotion of all image rights (including television) relating to footballers.
We also organise and promote sporting events. Finally, we manage the “Champions Promenade”, the “Legends Association”, the “Golden Foot Café” and organise the annual “Golden Foot Awards”.

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Golden Foot - About us

Discover our Golden Foot brands

Through our international Golden Foot brand, we offer a wide range of services, from football agents to advertising promotion for footballers, career management and football consultancy.

Also, we manage the “Champions Promenade“, featuring the footprints of the world’s greatest football players and organise the annual “Golden Foot Awards”, held in Monaco since 2003. Through our association “Golden Foot Legends“, which has a strong humanitarian and social vocation, we propose various projects such as the construction of modular clinics, retirement homes in remote areas and sports facilities using environmental-friendly technologies and materials. Thanks to digital and immersive technologies, we will soon be able to pass on to future generations the stories of those who have left their mark on the world of football through our “Golden Foot Cafe” and the “Champions Promenade” in Monaco.


The «Champions Promenade» is a mythical seaside place not to be missed on your visit to the Principality of Monaco. Like the Walk of Fame on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, it features the footprints of more than 120 of the greatest international footballers of all time…

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The Golden Foot «Monaco Awards», a unique format in the world (Registered Trademark), is an annual event celebrated since 2003 under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, which awards prestigious international prizes to the best champions in the history of football

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Recently founded in Monaco, the Golden Foot «Legends Association» uses digital and modular technologies (FSC-certified wood, steel and aluminium) for its projects. We promote and organise media, cultural and educational events to spread sporting values and raise funds and scholarships.

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We will soon be presenting our latest project - stay tuned for more information.

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Our success story


Antonio Caliendo signs with Antonioni to become the world’s first football agent. Having created this new profession, he went on to manage football legends such as Aldair, Baggio and Maradona.


Antonio Caliendo counts more than 140 football champions among his clients! He set up the Players’ Agents Association, whose President is one of Italy’s leading magistrates.


Former Italian president Silvio Berlusconi buys AC Milan and signs nine players with Antonio Caliendo. This group forms the basis of the team that will go on to win multiple European championships (1988-89, 1989-90, 1993-94, 2002-03, 2006-07) and the Intercontinental title (1989, 1990, 2007).


Antonio Caliendo becomes a world-renowned football agent: 12 of the 22 players (54%) on the pitch for the World Cup Final between West Germany and Argentina are represented by Antonio Caliendo.


“Image Promotion Company S.A.M.” is founded in Monaco.


Under the High Patronage of Albert II, Image Promotion Company S.A.M inaugurates the “Golden Foot Promenade des Champions” in Monaco, a unique concept in the world featuring the footprints or fingerprints of the world’s greatest footballers.


Antonio Caliendo publishes the story of his life as the first football agent in his book “nessuno prima di me”.


More than 100 football legends footprints are now featured on the Promenade des Champions


Celebration of the 20th anniversary of “Golden Foot Awards” at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco with the participation of Prince Albert II and the Minister of the Interior. A special Golden Foot Honour award is created and presented to the Sovereign Prince for his support for Golden Foot since its creation. His footprints will be soon visible on the Promenade des Champions.


The new Golden Foot Legends association, founded in 2022, is officially launched in Monaco. Later in the year, the IPC SAM logo and Golden Foot trademarks are redesigned.


“Image Promotion Company S.A.M.” will launch the Temple of Sport, an innovative, social and sustainable project. Stay tuned for more information.


Together we can build a better future through sport.


Our company is like a sports team. We support each other and work towards a common goal: to build and develop new projects linked to innovation, digital technologies, humanitarian aid and environmental protection to make the world a better, safer and more peaceful place for next generations.

Our core values

Valeur Integrity
Valeur Courage
Valeur Discipline
Valeur Respect
Valeur Solidarity
Valeur Performance
Valeur Integration of new digital technologies
Integration of new digital technologies
Valeur Planet protection
Planet protection
Valeur Innovation
Valeur Humanitarian support
Humanitarian support


Our world is marked by numerous threats such as pollution, animal abuse, deforestation and climate change, which have disastrous consequences for the environment and our daily lives. It is our responsibility to act as one to change the situation. That is why we are committed to promoting the protection of our planet through sustainable partnerships and nature-friendly products, as well as contributing to the development of innovative projects which promote economic development and care for the local communities in the countries where we operate.