Legends and best moments of our event

New 2022

For the GoldenFoot's 20th year, lots of technological innovations.

You can vote for your favorite footballer through a certified system on blockchain technology and you can watch the live streaming of the most anticipated event of the year! 

And much more!

The new 2022 candidates

Look at the next candidates and build your own ranking.

Candidate players you can vote for will be presented shortly.
You will be able to cast more than one vote and build your own ranking.

Women's football!

A phenomenon in constant growth all over the world and the Golden Foot cannot ignore the new female football professionals.

You will have the opportunity to vote for the first player.


Compete for the Fan of the Year Award

you can be a guest in Montecarlo during the awards ceremony, and be rewarded by one of the protagonists! Vamos!

The winners of past editions


How it works

Access the voting area
Choose your champions
Vote with 1 Token
Participate in the prizes

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Always stay up to date

Get a preview of the list of the next candidate players, discover the regulations and all the new interactive functions of the Golden Foot 2022.

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